We offer weight loss programs in partnership with OPTIFAST- for total , partial meal replacement and short term

weight loss.

What to expect from the OPTIFAST program?

Patients can expect a 3-5 pound weight loss each week, depending on your starting weight. The ability to lose a

significant amount of weight safely and quickly allows patients to rapidly improve medical conditions such as high

cholesterol, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, joint pain, and diabetes.

Patients will meet with Dr. Dey or Dr. Kontos weekly. They will monitor their weight and adjust the doses of diabetes, cholesterol, and blood pressure medicine if necessary. As a result of their weight loss, many patients are not only able to significantly reduce their medications, in many cases, patients are able to eliminate medications including insulin.

While visiting the clinic weekly, you will participate in group lifestyle education classes. These classes are taught by a

registered dietitian, an exercise physiologist, and a behaviorist. They provide patients time to interact and learn from

experienced professionals as well as their peers.


  • Exceptional Nutritional Quality: Its development and manufacturing standards are amongst the highest in the industry. The Nestle Nutrition Quality Program provides reassurance that the products are high quality and safe for consumption. This certification is similar to that which is used in pharmaceutical manufacturing. 
  • First of Its Kind: OPTIFAST was the first comprehensive formula diet program for weight loss and has the longest documented history of successful obesity treatment.
  • Backed By an Extensive Network of Medical Weight Loss Experts: These experts have helped OPTIFAST develop medical protocols, patient education, and a scientifically validated curriculum for medical weight management programs like the one at The Center for Health and Nutrition
  • Long Term Experience: OPTIFAST has been used by over a million people worldwide since 1974
  • Clinically Proven: There are over 80 published studies validating the results of the program. One in particular followed over 20,000 patients who have used OPTIFAST.
  • Lasting Success: 5 year follow-up studies show that over 50% of people who complete the OPTIFAST Program are able to keep enough weight off to improve their health long-term.
  • Proven Results: Validated improvements in obesity-related medical conditions have been seen in patients using OPTIFAST:
    • 52 lb. average weight loss,
    • 15% average decrease in cholesterol,
    • 29% average decrease in blood glucose,
    • 10% average decrease in blood pressure

OPTITRIM (Partial Meal Replacement Program)

The OPTITRIM program is a combination of OPTIFAST meal replacements with one calorie controlled meal. Patients

following the OPTITRIM program replace two meals with OPTIFAST meal replacements and are responsible for

planning one meal a day. Guidelines are given to help you make the best choices.

OPTITRIM is an excellent option for patients who have modest weight goals or whose job requires dining out

frequently. Also, patients with children often find that OPTITRIM works well for them because they are able to fit the

healthy meal into their evening meal routine. Having a meal provides the added benefit of gradually incorporating

the nutrition and meal planning skills patients learn during the program into their diet.

What to expect from the OPTITRIM program?

Patients can expect a 2-3 pound weight loss per week. The success of the OPTITRIM program requires planning and

preparing one healthy portion-controlled meal. A registered dietitian will take the time to orient you to healthy meal

choices and correct portion sizes. In addition, Dr. Dey will meet with patients every other week to monitor their

progress and adjust any medications. Weekly, patients will visit the clinic to be weighed and attend group classes. Our

classes are taught by a registered dietitian, an exercise physiologist, or a behaviorist.

Weight Loss Programs

Dr, Lucy Dey

Diabetes, Endocrinology & Metabolism

Advanced Diabetes & Medical Weight Management Center

A. Medical Evaluation for Abnormal Weight Gain

Many people gain weight despite eating healthier and getting more physical activity. If you are working hard at losing weight and are not seeing results, you may have a medical problem. We specialize in the medical and hormonal evaluation and treatment of abnormal weight gain and diet-resistant obesity.

Hormones and body weight are very closely related. Often times, a hormonal disorder can be the underlying cause of weight gain or failure to lose weight with diet and exercise. An evaluation with a board-certified endocrinologist can identify treatable hormonal problems that may be interfering with weight loss.

An evaluation typically includes obtaining a detailed history, physical examination , laboratory testing, body fat analysis, Metabolic testing and EKG.

There are many different medical problems that can cause weight gain or make weight loss difficult. Dr. Dey prides herself in performing a detailed evaluation to look for the common and not so common causes of abnormal weight gain.



​B. Customized Weight loss Programs

After determining an appropriate goal weight, Dr. Dey will recommend one of the medical weight loss programs—

complete meal replacement, partial meal replacement or a calorie controlled meal plan—which will then be

personalized to fit your needs by our specialists.

Losing weight with one of our customized diet plans is just one part of medical weight loss. Modifying your behavior

and receiving adequate support and motivation to continue with your new lifestyle are equally important factors in

your medical weight loss journey.

  1. 1. Calorie controlled meal plan
  2. 2. Total Meal replacement
  3. 3. Partial Meal replacement
  4. 4. Pre-operation or short term weight loss program

Calorie Controlled Meal Plan

For patients that prefer not to use a meal replacement program, a diet plan using foods

you prepare can be designed by our dietitian. All patients receive a medical evaluation with Dr. Dey. Then patients

meet with a dietitian to design a meal plan based on assessment of their medical history, lifestyle, metabolism, and

diet history.

Patients participating in a calorie controlled meal plan are also enrolled in our group lifestyle education classes.

These classes are taught by a registered dietitian, an exercise physiologist, and a behaviorist. They provide patients

time to interact and learn from experienced professionals as well as their peers.

Total Meal replacement, Partial Meal replacement, Pre-operation or short term weight loss program